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    When it’s time to redesign your website

    I am often asked by clients in Potchefstroom how often they should consider a website redesign. There is no set time frame to do this, but significant events that effect how the business operates or markets itself should always indicate the need for a company website redesign.

    For example, if the market changes drastically, a redesign should be considered or if your website is not mobile friendly, it is time to redesign your website. Whether new technology is changing the way business is done, a new competitor has entered the game or a new consumer base has entered the market, a website redesign should be considered to reflect the changes in the ways you are running your business.

    Another time to consider a website redesign is when your company or product base significantly grows. One of the major mistakes many business owners make is to just keep adding onto their current website. It is acceptable to add a few new products or sections to your website over time, but you must be careful to add on sensibly. When a website is built or rebuilt by a professional web designer, there is careful consideration to the layout of information. Adding too many new sections or products over time can take away from the information layout. Without even realizing it, a web owner may make a website more confusing and less clearly navigable over time.

    It is important to take a step back and consider your website from an outsider point of view. It is a good idea to ask a friend or family member who is not familiar with your site to give you their opinion. If a user can’t find what they are looking for on your site within 7 seconds, your site is too difficult to navigate and will produce a higher than average bounce rate.

    Though I don’t want to put a time frame on when a company should do a website redesign, typically these events occur between two and five years. If your website is much older then five years, take a look at how your business has changed in that time. If it has evolved, then so should your website.

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